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Our opportunity fund

The GRR Opportunity Fund

The mission of the Granby Racial Reconciliation (GRR) Opportunity Fund is to foster economic equity and promote social healing by funding initiatives that promote education, housing, business development, and other opportunities for marginalized people in and around Granby, Connecticut.

Why an Opportunity Fund?

More than 150 years since the Civil War, and 50 years since the passage of the Civil and Voting Rights Acts, Black citizens and people of color still face enormous obstacles in achieving basic social and economic security in areas of income, justice, and wealth.

For the first phase, the fund will focus on three objectives:

  • Support Black business and educational opportunities

  • Improve equity of public decision-making systems (real estate/housing, voting, criminal justice, funding, etc.)

  • Showcase Black culture


The United States is the land of opportunity.  Let’s work together to ensure that opportunity is genuinely shared equally across our society, regardless of differences. These are worthy goals to work toward as we create “a more perfect union.” GRR sees the Opportunity Fund as a tool to make progress toward these goals.

To find out more about the Opportunity Fund, read the Full Story.

​The challenge of achieving socioeconomic equity is immense but possible. And it starts with individuals like you.

The Granby Racial Reconciliation group was founded to be a channel and resource for growth in areas like this. We exist as an organization to help you get started as an advocate for causes that will support equity and justice here in Connecticut.

Join the Opportunity Fund Advisory Committee
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