Granby Racial Reconciliation Group is a group of clergy and community leaders focused on racial reconciliation in Granby following several incidents of racial injustice including the May 25, 2020 killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis, MN.

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We’re people committed to the ongoing work of racial reconciliation in and around Granby.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to raise awareness and continue the conversation on racial justice in our community so that Granby can be a great place for everyone.

Organizers & Supporters
  • Megan Allshouse (Student Rep.)

  • Grace Evangelista (Student Rep.)

  • Kennedy Dear

  • Mark Fiorentino (supporter)

  • Sandra Fischer

  • Michael Fitzgerald (supporter)

  • Bob Giles

  • Monica Logan

  • Erik Lohr

  • Rob Lowe (founding member)

  • Denny Moon

  • Ken Mouning

  • Rose Mouning

  • Clark Pfaff

  • Al Royal

  • Perkin Simpson

  • Cathy Watso

  • Todd Yonkman (founding member)

who we are

Our Mission

GRRLogo Draft_edited.jpg

The GRR logo is an impactful reflection of this organization. It was designed by John Stevenson, a member of South Church and a retired graphic artist who worked for many years in the corporate world.


Note that the two R’s are facing each other – their “toes” touching – which serves as a visual representation of the relationships that GRR is building. GRR member Ken Mouning chose the Granby colors maroon and gold, with the black R in the middle representing a person of color.  The facing Rs represent connecting and reconciling community members.


GRR is grateful for the volunteers who brought this logo together—a simple, recognizable, meaningful design.


About Our Logo