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Anonymous Donors

Dave & Jenny Emery

Windsor Federal Bank

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Granby Democratic Town Committee


Saturday, june 29, 2024

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In the past two years, we hosted Granby Celebrates Juneteenth in honor of the new Federal holiday.  For 2024, we will be joining the other Farmington Valley Connecticut towns for a Juneteenth celebration on June 15th


However, on June 29th, Granby Racial Reconciliation will host the first annual Granby Racial Unity Festival.  This will be an interracial arts and education festival that will allow us to learn/appreciate our differences and celebrate/embrace our similarities.  The festival will be held at:

Granby Memorial High School

54 North Granby Road

Granby, Connecticut

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Games start at 11 am

Registration Deadline
May 31, 2024

Adults Only

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festival flyer

GRUF 2024 Flyer.jpg
GRUF Logo v2.png

Logo Design

“When coming up with the concept of this logo I  recalled memories of festivals and parades I attended as a child; most memorably the use of flags by the crowd. It invoked the idea of hands, each one a different skin tone, holding flags unified in celebration.”


-Lorinn Wooten, Graphic Designer


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